New Zealand's first
eCommerce platform
that does sales for you

New Zealand's first
eCommerce platform that does sales for you

Magnum comes with a bunch of AI powered ecommerce power packs which increase traffic to your store, increase conversion rate and reduce bounce rate so that you can do what you do best, build beautiful products.

Industry optimised website

Sell More

Magnum analyses thousands of websites from your industry and helps you build a store that beats them all. Magnum ensures that your store has all the right content that improves customer confidence & increases conversion.


Spend Less

Magnum uses artificial intelligence to identify keywords with high purchase intent. It then optimises your product pages for these keywords. As a result you get more relevant organic traffic to your website without the need to spend a single dollar on advertising.

Process automation

No Plugins Required

Magnum integrates with Unleashed, Xero, Starshipit, eShip, Stripe and most other applications that you need to automate your ecommerce operation. If we don't support your preferred app, we will build it for you. No plugins required.

We Build Together

To build something that changes the world, you have to involve the world in building it.

We are on a mission to make ecommerce simpler for you and better for your customers. By utilising cutting-edge tech and human grit, we hope to make online shopping, fun for all. For this, we are putting you in the driver's seat of our platform. Chat with us and let us know what you'd like to have in Magnum, that is how we improve ecommerce, together.

Moving to Magnum
is Easy

Moving to
Magnum is Easy

If you already have your store on another eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, Big Commerce or Shopify, you can easily import your orders, products, customers into Magnum.


Fill up basic details about you and your business and get started with the Magnum dashboard in less than 4 minutes.

Build a store

Magnum's template builder has industry optimised components which help you build a store in less than an hour.

Go Live!

Add your products, categories & coupons and hit the button to go live. If you import your contacts, Magnum does sales for you

Ready, Set, Grow

Ready, Set, Grow